Welcome to Hilltop

Hilltop Analytics is the home for Neil Charles’s data visualisations, analysis and any other projects that felt worthy of a permanent home.

Why Hilltop Analytics?

When you can’t see the wood for the trees…

Don’t plant more trees.

Climb a hill.

We’re swamped by data. It’s everywhere and it’s often easier to capture more, than it is to make the data that you already have, do something useful.

Hilltop Analytics is a philosophy. Before you attack a problem in detail, it helps to take a look from a wider perspective, to really understand the question, to re-frame it and to let that work guide your analysis. A short, sharp climb up a hill is a worthwhile, concentrated effort, to gain a real understanding of the landscape in which you’re working.

Have a browse and if you see anything you like, then do get in touch.

If you’ve found any of my stuff useful and would like to help me out, use this link when you need a cloudy computer. You’ll get free credit, I’ll get free credit and everybody wins.